The Willetton Baseball Club (Inc) is an affiliated club with the Tee-Ball Association of WA (TBAWA), Baseball WA, Softball WA and the South East Metropolitan Softball Association (SEMSA). The Willetton Baseball Club (Inc) is an independent club whose objectives are :

a) the provision of facilities and opportunities for people to play tee-ball, softball and baseball.

b) the provision of opportunities for parents to participate in sport with their children: and

c) the creation of an atmosphere in which the acquisition of skills and enjoyment of playing are at least as important as the outcome of the game.

Tee-Ball at Willetton

The Club fields teams in the Under 6’s (ages 4-5), Under 8’s (ages 6-7), Under 10’s (ages 8-9), and Under 12’s (ages 10-12) Divisions. Ages are based upon the child’s age as at 30 June 2020, expect for Under 6’s, where the child must have turned 4 by the start of the season, in October 2020. Teams usually have 11 or 12 children, except for our Under 6’s, which has 6-8 children. Players are placed into teams according to factors such as their age, skill level, and where available grading from last season. The Committee believes that players develop better skills if exposed to different Coaches each year. The Committee also believes that young players develop better team and social skills by having contact with other Club players from season to season. Consequently players are usually reorganised year to year into different teams.


All teams train once a week. Training times and location are at the discretion of the coach. Usually training is conducted at Willetton Park, Monday to Wednesday between 4.00pm to 5.00pm or 5.00pm to 6.00pm. Team training sessions generally commence in the first week in October.


Games last one hour or seven innings (whichever comes first) and are played at Willetton Park on Saturday mornings. Although they can differ year to year, game start times will 8.30am and 9.30am or 9.45am. The Club insists on a Player Rotation Policy being applied whereby all players are fairly rotated through both infield and outfield positions as well as taking their turn on the bench. All players are given equal opportunity to develop skills in all aspects of the game. No one player is allowed to sit out two consecutive fielding innings.

The Club also insists that games must at all times be played in the spirit of the Tee-Ball philosophy of the four F’s:
– Fun
– Fair Play
– Fundamental Skills
– Family Involvement.


The cost for playing Tee-Ball at Willetton in 2020/21 is still $130 per player. Costs are reduced for families who have more than one child playing at the Club – $110 for each child thereafter. This season, the Under 6’s age group will be a reduced 10-week season, finishing in December 2020. Registration for Under 6’s is $100 per player.

The Club provides each individual team with their own team uniforms. This consists of a team top and tee-ball pants. The Club provides all equipment necessary for the game to proceed [ie, bats, balls, bases, tees etc]. Parents are to supply their child with our club hat ($20), which is available to purchase on registration day, or from our canteen during the season. Parents are also to provide their child with a Tee-Ball glove and long white socks.

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