Map of Willetton Reserve showing diamond locations

General Club Info

Teeball / Softball / Baseball

General Information
The Willetton Baseball Club (Inc) are known as the WBC Wildcats and are one of the state’s largest diamond sports clubs offering Teeball, Softball and Baseball from the age 4 and beyond. The club prides itself on providing a family friendly environment with a huge focus on development at both the social and serious competitor level. WBC Wildcats tries to ensure that all coaching staff attains accreditation through their  Nationally Accredited bodies,  this is to ensure that you or your child are coached under approved national processes and in the latest and correct techniques.
Home Ground

WBC Wildcats home ground is Willetton Park which is located on Apsley Rd in Willetton.

A diamond layout is below. This layout applies to junior baseball & tee-ball.

Willetton Reserve Diamond Layout