Willetton Baseball Club and ID Atheltic are proud to bring your our 2023/24 range of Merchandise! Please check out our online store:

Merch at Willetton

This is a little different from heading down to your local store and picking up your favorite footy team’s gear. WBC will periodically announce a merch run is taking place. A merch run comprises three stages: ordering, fulfilment and delivery.


We start by announcing that Merch orders are open. During this window, orders can be placed via our online store: In this way, WBC can collect payments and orders, enabling us to track progress towards minimum order quantities, and advise if we are not going to be able to fulfil any products.


At some point, we have to close orders and place our order with ID Athletic. Depending on the product, they either produce it in house, or arrange the fabrication with 3rd parties. Not everything gets made in the one place, so we allow 6-8 weeks for everything to arrive and be put together.


WBC receives the order from ID Athletic. We then sort everything by division and sport, and distribute it to you!

The Schedule

We want you to look good, and there are certain times we want you looking your best:

  • The start of the season
  • Finals/State Champ’s
  • Christmas (it fit’s nicely in between!)

Taking into account how long things take to get made and delivered, we’ve worked backwards to find out by when we need to put our orders in to hit these targets.

Run #Order WindowDelivery Target
1August 6-20
Around Registration Day
October 1-15
Ready for start of season
2October 8-22
First two weeks of season
December 2-16
Last two rounds before break
3December 16 – Jan 6
Mid season break through NY
Feb 17 – Mar 2
Before March Long weekend

It also works out that when you see everyone receiving merch at the club, we’ll be opening up orders again so you can be part of the next run!

The Range

We’ve put together a range of quality products that look smart and feel comfortable.

  • Grab a hoodie and a beanie for the start of the season, it’s always colder than you’re expecting for a summer sport!
  • Grab a sublimated tee and shorts for training: keep that uniform fresh for game day!
  • Get your cotton tees to show your support for the team while your cheering them on!

Check out the full range at:

Product Ideas

If you’ve got ideas for products you want to see, have a chat to a committee member and let us know! We’ve got a few products in the pipeline that we’re trying to source the right base garments, and a few others that if we hear them requested enough times, they might just happen! Dog coats, anyone?

ID Athletic

ID Athletic is a proud West Australian owned and operated company offering a full range of custom apparel and promotional products.

Established in 2011, ID Athletic has unparalleled experience in manufacturing quality performance sportswear ensuring everyone can look, feel, and perform at their best.

ID Athletic has built successful partnerships with sporting organisations and clubs across Australia providing apparel for professional and state teams, high performance programs, events, administration staff and supporters.